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Through our prophetic and teaching ministry, we help you see God’s heart, understand His message, and demonstrate His power.

When Christians don’t know who they are and what their specific gifts are, they will often imitate someone else’s gift.

This leaves them frustrated and wondering if they are on the right path in life.

The good news is that God has a unique calling just for you, and we want to equip you in the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish much in the Kingdom! -Marcus Wick

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Take our spiritual gifts quiz!

What are your spiritual gifts?

Are you a party waiting to happen? Can you spot insincerity a mile away?

God gave motivational gifts to all of us, and answering a few questions like these can give you insight into what gifts God has given you. Learn why you’re the way you are and why you do the things the way you do by taking this short quiz!


Marcus Wick Ministries is teaching and equipping Christians around the world to reach their full potential in the gifts God has given them. Hear what some of those who have been touched by this ministry have to say:

“…a grace-based prophet who has a revelation of God’s love and can equip others in the prophetic.”

– Shayne

“He brings clarity to Bible teaching on speaking in tongues and praying in the Spirit!”

– Mike

“These (Marcus’) prophecies confirmed what I had been feeling God speaking to me.”

– Janey


Hear the Holy
Spirit Clearly

Learn Truths
from the Bible

Discover Your
Gifts from God

Featured Teaching

We live in uncertain times, and more than ever we need instruction from the Lord. In this teaching, you’ll learn how to access the mind of Christ, walk in the wisdom of God and develop a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

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Do you want to see yourself and others operate fully in the gifts God has given you?

Dynamic teacher Marcus Wick is remarkable at helping others grow and realize their potential by teaching them truths from the Word of God.

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